‘Powerful training is the key to world class care! Our vision is to revolutionise training in the Health & Social Care Sector, we aim to empower and inspire all of our learners to deliver the highest standard of care.Partnering with professionals across the UK we will use our online portal to give everyone a voice, hope and a place to go for the support they deserve’

What Can We Offer You?

Training Matrix

We will give you access to our fully automated training matrix, where you can monitor your compliance without doing any of the work!


Whether it’s induction or ongoing mandatory, can’t find a bundle that fits your exact needs? Don’t worry, you can create your own! Get in touch and a member of our team can help you create your bundle that is exclusive to your organisation

Pricing Plans

Want to book multiple courses for your team? We're here to help! Get in touch to discuss our multiple booking pricing plans.

Technical Support

With our in-house team we can provide all the technical support you need – free of charge!


Our blogs are highlighting pressing matters and hot topics that occur nationally. They are created with a therapeutic input and provide advocacy. Is there something you’d like to see on there? Get in touch for more information

Key Benefits

Our courses have all been specifically created in line with Regulations and Standards with an added extra therapeutic input! They have been designed to evidence learning throughout and offer a free printable infographic with key details encompassed. They are all monitored closely and regularly renovated using updates from governing bodies, we will contact you every time our courses have been updated and when new courses are added to our website.

Time Efficient

Our courses take approximately 30 minutes to complete; this efficient timing allows training to fit around busy schedules and the demands of day to day work-related requirements.

Cost Effective

With a range pricing plans to choose from, we provide a cost-effective solution to your training needs. For more information on our Online Bundles or Face to Face Packages get in touch to speak to a member of our team.

Accredited and Certified

Every course we create has been through the accreditation process with Open Awards ‘Badge of Excellence’. On completion of each course your certificate will be emailed directly to you.


All of our online courses and training matrix are accessible at any time and anywhere, giving your staff the flexibility to learn at the time and place that accommodates them.


We have heightened engagement with the innovative use of 3d animation, you can’t help but remain stimulated throughout!.


All users have 24-hour access on any PC or smart device to view and instantly access online courses. In need of face to face training? Our expert trainers are ready to deliver training at your workplace .


All of our courses are built in house with our dedicated team, we are able to build bespoke training to focus on your needs, get in touch with a member of our team for more information.

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