Course Overview

This course provides progression from the Child Sexual Exploitation Foundation Level Online course. This is a half day classroom/virtual classroom-based training session for people working with children and young adults who are victims to Sexual Exploitation. This course aims to raise awareness on the differences between Child Sexual Exploitation and other forms of abuse. We will provide learners with an understanding and awareness of the impact and prevalence of sexual exploitation, how victims are identified and targeted. We will outline the stages of grooming and will discuss the lessons learned from the Serious Case Reviews. The course features a range of group work, activities and discussions to enhance learner skill development. This training session can be accessed via a link and is accessible from a range of devices including IOS and Android platforms.


This course offers a blended learning approach including a short scenario, a workbook, infographics and a classroom style training session.

Aims & Objectives

  • Help the learner to differentiate between Sexual Exploitation and other forms of abuse.
  • To form an understanding on the scale and prevalence of Sexual Exploitation within society.
  • To identify the stages of Grooming.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of best practice.

Course Audience

Health Care Workers, Social Care Workers, Children’s Centre Practitioners, Youth Workers, Education Workers


Course Duration

3 hours


This course is accredited by Open Awards ‘Badge of Excellence’

Course Curriculum

  • 0 Days
  • Course Certificate
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