Course Overview

This is a half day classroom-based training session for people working with people affected by Dementia. This course is designed to understand the signs and symptoms of Dementia and some theory on the causes of Dementia. Learners will then explore the models of care used when supporting people with Dementia and will consider different response styles and approaches to enhance the life experience of the person suffering with Dementia. There are real life case studies and scenarios and will support learners to develop Communication toolkits that can be used with people to ensure that the care planning approach is considerate of their needs and that they understand and contribute to their care and support plans in accordance with their ability. The course features a range of group work, activities and discussions to enhance learner skill development. This training session can be accessed via a link and is accessible from a range of devices including IOS and Android platforms.


This course offers a blended learning approach including a short scenario, a workbook, infographics and a classroom style training session.

Aims & Objectives

  • To educate learners on the types, causes, symptoms and signs of Dementia.
  • To consider brain function and the impact that Dementia has on the braid and brain development.
  • To outline conditions which can be mistaken for Dementia.
  • Discuss models and theories of Dementia and how best to support people.
  • Define best practice when living with Dementia.
  • Develop best practice in how to communicate and care plan with people who suffer with Dementia.

Course Audience

Health Care Workers, Social Care Workers, Day Centre Practitioners

Available Course Dates

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This course is accredited by Advantage Accreditation.

Course Price

The course price is £40 or 2 Credits

Course Curriculum

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