This course covers the appropriate procedure for administering and handling medications, different types of medicines, who can administer medications, side effects, reactions and the rights of those receiving medication. This e-learning session can be accessed via a variety of electronic devices. The programme benefits from animated scenarios and activities with on-going assessment making it engaging and interactive.

Aims & objectives

  • explain the procedures and safe principles of handling medication
  • explain what needs to be recorded and the MAR chart
  • describe how to put into practice the ‘RIGHTS’ of medication administration
  • identify a range of medications, their purposes, route and administration
  • enable you to understand medication labels, Advise on how to store and dispose of medication safely
  • inform on how to avoid and manage errors
  • improve your awareness of some common side effects of medication
  • describe what to do if a CYP has a severe reaction to medication


Course Audience – Practitioners in the Looked After Children’s Sector.

Course length – 20-30 minutes.


Accredited by Open Awards ‘Badge of Excellence’

Course Curriculum

  • 10 Days
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