Course Overview

This course will raise awareness of the issue of knife crime, define what knife crime is and the laws on knife crime, explain why a young person might carry a knife and how carers can help prevent knife crime and create a safe environment for young people.  This e-learning session can be accessed via a variety of electronic devices. The programme benefits from narrative scenarios and activities with ongoing assessment making it engaging and interactive.

Aims & Objectives

  • Discuss the definition and facts on knife crime
  • Explain why a young person may carry a knife
  • Highlight social media’s involvement in knife crime
  • Explain the 4 R’s
  • Give an understanding of the signs and indicators
  • Discuss how we can talk to young people and aid prevention

Course Audience

Adult Health Care Workers, Social Care Workers, Nursing staff, Adult Day Care/Centre workers, Home Care Staff, Agency staff.

Course Duration

This course will take a minimum of 45 minutes to complete.


This course is accredited by Open Awards – Badge of Excellence

Course Curriculum

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