Course Overview

The course is designed to aid understanding and awareness of Life Story Work, it encourages each learner to reflect on their practices and others. An insight into the importance of Life Story Work especially in regard to identity. We will introduce models and strategies to improve Life Story Work and activities to support the learner will professional application in their areas of work, this will include recognising cultural, ethnical and disability needs and diversities. The course will also outline the importance of collecting relevant items as well as how to effectively support the individuals.  The course will introduce a range of group work sessions with reflective practice built in to enable them to take this back to the children they support. There are also interactive activities and discussions to enhance learner skill development. This training session can be accessed via a link and is accessible from a range of devices including IOS and Android platforms.

This course offers a blended learning approach including a short scenario, a workbook, infographics and a classroom style training session.

Aims & Objectives

  • Consider the impact of early childhood experiences and the importance of Life Story Work.
  • Understand the emotional impact of Life Story Work on children and carers.
  • Gain knowledge legislation, the aims and principles of Life Story Work.
  • Recognise barriers to Life Story Work and learn how to overcome them.
  • Be aware of the importance of identity in Life Story Work including cultural diversity.

Course Audience

Residential Care Workers, Health Care Workers, Social Care Workers, Children’s Centre Practitioners, Youth Workers

Course Duration

3 hours

Available Course Dates

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This course is accredited by Open Awards ‘Badge of Excellence’

Course Price

The course price is £40 or 2 Credits

Course Curriculum

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