Course Overview

This course intends to provide leaners with knowledge and understanding of Radicalisation, Extremism and Terrorism and how this relates to the people that they work with.  It gives an insight into how people become radicalised and how they can recognise the signs that someone is about to become Radicalised and how it can be prevented.  An insight into the types of Radicalisation is included along with some of the terrorist groups active in the UK and who some of the activists are.  Legislation and interventions are included along with actions that can be implemented into the workplace. The activities encourage reflection that can be implemented into practice. Then, the quiz is completed at the end of the course to consolidate learning. A session re-cap is held where the learner can ask any further questions and key factors are stated by the Tutor. Learners are given the opportunity to reflect on what they have gained from the programme.

Aims & Objectives

  • Define radicalisation and provide relevant terminology
  • Give a background into the subject leading to current issues
  • Discuss National Strategies, mainly focusing on CONTEST
  • Highlight traits of people who radicalise and who they target.
  • Explore the reasons why people become more radicalised and the signs of this.

Course Audience

Adult practitioners in the Social Care Sector

Course Duration

6 hours

Available Course Dates

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This course is accredited by Open Awards ‘Badge of Excellence’

Course Curriculum

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