Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)



This course raises awareness of the issue of female genital mutilation, its origins and it’s prevalence today. How to help young girls who have undergone the procedure, how to identify a girl at risk and a carers role in upholding the law are also covered. This e-learning session can be accessed via a variety of electronic devices. The programme benefits from animated scenarios and activities with on-going assessment making it engaging and interactive.

Aims & objectives

  • increase your awareness of female genital mutilation
  • explain the implications, both physically and emotionally on young girls
  • help you recognise the signs and symptoms of FGM
  • describe the law and current legislation surrounding FGM
  • help you recognise your supporting role


Course Audience – Practitioners in the Looked After Children’s Sector

Course length- 20-30 minutes.


Accredited by Open Awards ‘Badge of Excellence’

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