Healthy Eating



The course provides knowledge on food groups, physical activity and making healthy lifestyle choices as well as promoting and encouraging a healthy lifestyle in the home. This e-learning session can be accessed via a variety of electronic devices. The programme benefits from animated scenarios and activities with on-going assessment making it engaging and interactive.

Aims & objectives

  • identify important nutrients for children and young people
  • explain how the Eatwell Guide can be used to make healthy food choices
  • identify the main food groups in the Eatwell Guide and show the proportion that each group should contribute to the overall diet
  • provide practical tips for making healthy food choices
  • explain the importance of physical activity
  • state how much and what types of physical activity are beneficial for children and young people


Course Audience – Practitioners in the Looked After Children’s Sector.

Course length- 20-30 minutes.


Accredited by Open Awards ‘Badge of Excellence’

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